8 Factors to be considered before choosing a vacuum cleaner

8 Factors to be considered before choosing a vacuum cleaner

8 Factors to be considered before choosing a vacuum cleaner

There are hundreds of vacuum cleaners all over the world, each with its own unique combination of features. Choosing the best vacuum cleaner to serve you is never an easy task. The most important thing is to identify the best Vacuum cleaner that will clean your home or office effectively. It is very easy to get mixed up in the latest models as you peruse through websites and magazines. Making a poor decision when buying a vacuum cleaner may cost you dearly as you may end up not getting a clean environment as you expected. Here are some of the major considerations when buying a vacuum cleaner.

1.Price and Budget

It is important that you must not assume an expensive vacuum cleaner is the better vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners are specifically built to serve a specific purpose. Hence, it is vital that you find the right vacuum cleaner for your purpose before looking at the price range. This cleaning tool is a long term investment and it is better to make a one-time investment instead of buying multiple fake cleaners.

2.Dry or wet vacuum cleaner?

Wet vacuum cleaners are best for places where there are high incidences of wet spills and liquids. They come packed with a waterproof collector that can enable them to trap water and other liquids. This prevents the water from reaching the fan and other electrical parts causing havoc. The wet vacuum cleaner contains a two bucket system in place of the normal vacuum bag. The bucket system is used to store solids and liquid separately.

Dry vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, are meant for dry vacuuming and should not be allowed to come into contact with water. A dry vacuum cleaner design is to suck up dirt and dust particles into a collection bag or container depending on the type of vacuum cleaner. They are a versatile bunch that is eco-efficient in that they save electricity, as well as their performance, is also high. Suitable for different floor coverings. When choosing your vacuum cleaner to be sure of the cleaning you are interested in.


Before buying your vacuum cleaner make sure that you get the maximum warranty time available on the market. Typically some vacuum brands will offer more warranty compared to others. Warranties range from 2 years, 5 years to 7 years or more. However, longer warranty vacuum cleaner models are more expensive.

4. Suction power

For effective cleaning, a typical upright vacuum cleaner will need up to 100 air watts at the minimum. For cylinder vacuum cleaner models they need 200 air watts at the minimum to clean effectively. The cylinder model must drag dust particles through a greater distance as compared to the upright cleaner.

A clogged or dirty filter for the vacuum cleaner needs to be cleaned regularly as this may impair performance and suction power. When choosing a vacuum cleaner for home use it is wise to consider the overall cost performance for the vacuum cleaner.

5. Filters

Low range vacuum cleaners have a microfilter that is normally washed/cleaned or replaced. Better models, however, have a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter that traps minute particles like pollen. A vacuum cleaner with HEPA is the best remedy for people suffering from asthma. Even most of HEPA filters are retractable and cleanable.

However, the efficiency of these filter relies on the dust emptying system of the vacuum cleaner. This is because even after you clean your room using the vacuum cleaner you might end up breathing the dust particles as you empty out the trash can of the vacuum cleaner.

6. A vacuum cleaner with or without the collection bag

Bagless vacuum cleaners are said to be better than vacuum cleaners with bags. However, this may not be the case. Although bagless vacuum cleaners make it easier to see when the dirt compartment is almost full, some vacuum cleaners with bags have an indicator light showing that the dirt compartment is almost full.

Bagless vacuum cleaners will need regular cleaning of the filter to ensure peak performance. A really good advantage of bagless vacuum cleaners is that you do not have to keep on buying bags for putting your dirt. The dirt compartment can be reused for as many times as possible.

7.Height adjustment features

It is easy to clean thick carpets or a high pile of carpets when using a vacuum cleaner that is manually adjustable. In addition, carpet fibers that get stuck in the roller brush of most vacuum cleaners are not a problem for vacuums with height adjustment features. The roller brush length can be increased according to the carpet’s height making movement and cleaning easier and faster.

Also, some vacuum has a wide cleaning tip/head that can be adjusted manually. This prevents you from chocking the cleaner as you increase the height as per the carpet length and width. Manually adjustable vacuum cleaners are durable as they are sturdy. They are the best to consider when you have huge carpets or floors to clean.

8.Big dust capacity

Big dust capacities are very useful for big homes or areas that normally have lots of dust. They are very efficient because you don’t have to keep on changing the dirt compartment. Vacuum cleaner's performance is affected by the amount of dust in the dirt compartment. More the dirt, the slower the rate of suction. The bigger the space, the better the cleaning capability of the vacuum cleaner.

Bigger vacuum cleaners also have better filtration methods, better cleaning quality, and they make less noise.

In conclusion, getting a vacuum cleaner is all about knowing what purpose you want to serve with the vacuum cleaner. Handheld Vacuum cleaners are used very often, mostly on a daily basis. Hence, it is important to consider the above qualities and factors before blindly buying a vacuum cleaner. This could be a lifetime mistake. Also, make it a habit to read the buying guide of all the items you buy. This will help you understand what you are buying.

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