How do I Use an Induction Cooktop to Cook Effectively?

How do I Use an Induction Cooktop to Cook Effectively?

How do I Use an Induction Cooktop to Cook Effectively?

‘Cooking’ is an art and is one of the exquisite skills in the world. It is definitely not just meant for women and to be honest, most men can do magic to recipes at times in comparison to women. Gone are those days, when cooking was done using fire woods, kerosene wick stoves and now LPG gas stoves are the popular mode of cooking in every home including rural and urban areas. But there is a most popular option in the recent years for enhanced cooking experience and it is available in almost every home. Yes, you guessed it right! It is the ‘Induction Cooktop’ , that is used for an effective and hassle-free cooking.

There are many types of ‘Induction Cooktops’ available in the market globally from varied brands for different prices, but when it comes to quality, not everything is same. Induction cooktops produces heat from magnetic induction and it works only with electricity. Have you wondered why everyone has an induction cooktop when they have a gas stove or cooking range in every home? Then, I believe this article has answers in store and there is more information that gives you a good understanding about using induction cooktops.

How to Cook with Induction Cooktop?

Cooking using induction stovetop is definitely not challenging and it is even easier than cooking using regular gas stove. In induction cooktop the vessel absorbs heat very quickly and this results in effective cooking in short time.

In almost every induction cooktop there will be different cooking options available such as milk, dosa, frying, boiling, saute etc., for easy understanding on what to select from the control panel. Type of vessels that are allowed to use on induction cooktop varies with each brand, so it is recommended to read the user manual before using. Let’s discuss about one of the best induction cooktops in India – Geek Estufa Smart Induction Cooktop , which is the best option for smart cooking experience.

Here’s how to use ‘GEEK ESTUFA IC6 2200W’ Smart Induction cooktop:

  • You can simply plug in the induction cooktop into the power socket and press the power button to turn on.
  • place the vessel on the cooktop and turn on the required function to start cooking.
  • There will be timer and temperature that can be controlled based on your needs and when you select the timer, it turns off automatically once the timer stops.
  • In ‘Geek Estufa’ induction cooktop there is an additional option to slow fire and boost fire like you do in the regular stoves. Though the word fire in this product denotes the heat produced, the process is surely faster comparatively.


  • ‘Geek Estufa Induction Cooktop’ has 4 In built sensor control that controls the temperature accordingly. The surface cools down completely in just few minutes after cooking that prevents your fingers from getting burnt.
  • Gleaming Design: with glossy finishing, LED feather touch buttons and other interesting features, ‘Geek Estufa’ is the best portable induction cooktop. This product comes in standard color – ‘Black’ that absorbs heat faster. The body of the product is covered with premium crystalline glass, that adds more elegance to this electric induction cooktop.
  • Control panel has 7 cooking options that makes your job simpler – warm, milk, curry, dosa/roti, saute, fry and boil.
  • You can also select the function manually by adjusting the temperature and timer apart from these 7 options to decide your cooking speed.
  • Slow Fire and Boost Fire are the 2 unique options that helps you to control the heat easily in just one soft touch. This feature is almost similar to that of your regular gas stove, where you can quickly slow down the flame when your boiling milk is about to overflow.
  • The non-slip foot pad allows the product to stick firmly on the surface, so that the vessel doesn’t gets disturbed.

Advantages of Using an Induction Cooktop:

  • Cooking on induction cooktop is quicker than any other methods as the heat is absorbed by the vessel quickly. So, it saves your time and consumes less energy.
  • Unlike gas stoves, the surface gets cooled in a few minutes after turning off the heat.
  • The flat and smooth surface makes cleaning very easy.
  • ‘Geek Estufa’ is smart and portable that it can be carried along on your vacation, picnic etc. to prepare your diet food or warm milk for your baby.
  • When you plan to prepare a big feast, induction cooktop is an advantage to finish your cooking faster along with your gas stoves.
  • Even those who are not used to cooking, also finds induction cooktop more helpful to warm water, prepare coffee, omelette, dosa etc. as it is very safe and no fear about gas leakage.
  • There can be difficult times when your LPG cylinder gets finished unexpectedly in the middle of cooking or your gas stove’s burners may be slowed down due to some blockage. You need not worry if you have the best induction cooktop in your kitchen to manage the situation.

What Type of Cookware can be used on this product?

You can use all types of cookware such as cast iron, magnetic iron, stainless steel with magnetic base, copper magnetic base, casseroles, ceramic vessels, heat resistant glass and aluminum magnetic base on ‘Geek Estufa IC6 2200W Smart Induction Cooktop’.

Is this product safe to use?

Yes, it is very safe as it is designed considering all safety norms. This is an ‘IS 302-2-6:2009’ certified Induction Cooktop.

Does this have any warranty?

There is one year warranty for this product.

What is the Price of this Induction Cooktop?

You can own ‘Geek Estufa IC6’ induction cooktop at a discounted price of just Rs3999, where you save 27% from its original price Rs5499.

Own India’s best Induction Cooktop now by placing an order with and avail free shipping. We provide you with cash on delivery option too.

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