The Best Fruit or Juice festivals across the world

The Best Fruit or Juice festivals across the world

The Best Fruit or Juice festivals across the world

Fruit and juice festivals have been known to exist since the dawn of time. These festivals are commonly held in areas where there is an abundance of fruits being grown in the area. Most fruit festivals not only involve juice making but also other fun activities. Entertainment activities encourage people from all over the world to attend these juice festivals.

Hence the fruit/juice festival is passed on from generation to generation. Fruit festivals have evolved over time with each generation improving the festival as opposed to the previous generation before them. Here are some of the fruit festivals that you can attend today.

Uganda fruit and juice festival

This is a fruit festival whose main focus is on children facing malnutrition in Uganda. Slow food Uganda is the organization behind this festival. The founders of this festival brought to the attention of the world that fighting malnutrition is quite easy when you involve some fruits. Come to Uganda and you will find that a third of the countries children are stunted. A third of the children under the age of 5 are struggling with malnutrition.

The fruit juice during this festival was made from various fruit varieties. Most of the fruits are locally available i.e. pawpaw, sweet bananas, pineapples, sugarcanes, watermelon, oranges, jackfruits, carrots and mangoes among others.

Perhaps what caught the eye of many is that the children themselves are involved in the preparation of the fruit juice. The festival is not only carried out in schools but also in the community in which the children reside. The aim of slow food Uganda is to teach young children the importance of fruits and healthy juices. This will be a generation to change the face of malnutrition in Uganda in the coming years. Not to mention promoting nutrition, Agriculture, and fruit growing in Uganda.

The Woodstock fruit festival

This is beyond the charts fruit festival. Carried out in the United States of America, by fruit-loving and healthy fitness geeks. Lasting a whole week, you will find all types of fruits from all over the world. Fruit ‘hunters’ go around every corner of the globe collecting all kinds of exquisite fruits. In the festival, you will get to taste the legendary durian, explore the mamey sapote, eat the juicy mangoes from Kenya, enjoy a fresh glass of orange juice, or taste the magical dragon fruit from South America.

The Woodstock festival allows you to become your own juicer. You could be the author of your own unique cocktail. All kinds of vegetables like lettuces, heirloom, zucchini noodles, fresh herbs, tomatoes, sweet corn are all available for you to make your own juice. Moreover, people from all walks of life around the world are present. As you indulge in a chilled glass of your making you also get to explore the world through the eyes of others.

In addition to all this, there are other ways to enjoy your stay at the Woodstock festival. Guided sessions of meditations, yoga, exotic dance, kirtan, forest bathing, sound healing, soul groove, deep breathing, drumming among many more activities. Here you will be aligned with your purpose.

Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival

Held in Annapolis Valley every year preferably in the last week of May. The very first festival was held in the town of Kentville back in the year 1933. Tourists come from far and wide to see the ecstatic orchards of the valley. The original mission of the festival was to promote the apple growing business in the area and also preserve the natural environment.

However, over the years the Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival has been complemented by other festivals. This is because tradition and the world are evolving. Now, other events like the Grand Street Parade, Coronation for Annapolis, Children’s Parade and the Apple Blossom concert itself take place. The festival has lasted this long due to the commitment of the local community who work tirelessly each year to make the festival a success.

Strawberry Festival.

This festival is held in many towns in North America. Strawberry farming is deeply rooted in this town across the continent. They are all involved in the production of strawberries in large-scale. This festival is mostly held in the spring just before or during the strawberry harvest.

The festival involved a parade among other community events. The festival has been in existence for many years to this day. People come from many places to eat these strawberries in a variety of ways. However, each town is a little different in the way they conduct their festival.

California Dried Plum Festival

This festival was formally known as the California Prune Festival. When the name was changed in 2001 it brought some excitement from curious onlookers. Annually held in Yuba City in California. It was started back in the year 1988 and lasted up until 2002. On the last festival in 2002, the edition included a tournament that involved a freestyle disc which was organized by the Freestyle Players Association.

Each year two weeks before the festival began the prune parade took place in the district of Yuba on Plumas Street. Local schools, community groups, business among other community members would take part in the occasion.

International Mango Festival

This is a two-day festival held in Delhi India. It has been in existence since 1987 and is held in the early summer. Mango growers in the country participate by bringing all available mango varieties to the festival. Most people might tend to think that mango comes in just five to six varieties.

However, this festival educates curious onlookers and tourists on the innumerous mango categories. These mangos have been grown in many breeds. There are more than 500 mango varieties brought to the festival. It is quite entertaining as the festival also involved other entertainment like dances and music.

There are other festivals held in other parts of the world like Miami Florida, Cebu in the Philippines and Negril in Jamaica.

Naples Grape Festival

Held annually Naples Grape Festival is dedicated to grapes. Naples is located in a region that is abundant in grapes. 80,000 people attend the festival every year. Founded in 1961 the festival has other activities in its bag. Wine-tasting, live music, art, and craft vendors can be found at the festival.

There are other grape festivals in other parts of the world like the Turpan Silk Road Grape festival in China and the Lodi Grape Festival in California.

Battle of the oranges

Held in North Italy it involves a tradition of battling with oranges between groups. Just as the name goes it can be categorized as a fun food fight. The festival has roots in the 13 century where it is said that it originated in defiance to a city tyrant of the time.

The main celebration involves a couple of thousands of people who are pitched against each other in nine combat teams. It takes place in the month of February of March, coming to an end in a solemn ceremony.

In conclusion, there exist numerous fruit festivals some of which may not be as large as others. However, the spirit of fruit and juice festivals will always live on as long as fruits exist. It is important to get used to drinking fruit juice. You will definitely notice a huge improvement in your health. Finally, fruit festivals promote political, cultural and social harmony between communities.

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