10 Things You Need To Know Before Using An Electric Pressure Cooker

10 Things You Need To Know Before Using An Electric Pressure Cooker

10 Things You Need To Know Before Using An Electric Pressure Cooker

Electric Pressure Cookers are a good option to prepare tasty and yummy meals quickly and properly. Electric pressure cookers are not simple kitchen appliances. There were conditions and requirements that were totally fresh to me when I started using one in my own kitchen, and it took me little time to understand what it all meant. Things like how much liquid do you need to add to the pot before cooking? And what is natural pressure release? It’s all a little puzzling.

But you don’t have to be intimidated! And if you’re thinking about making a jump and trying an electric pressure cooker, hold up! Here, first know the 10 essential things about using an electric pressure cooker before buying one. It’s not so difficult and tough once you understand how it works it will be a piece of cake for you to use.

1. Low Medium and High Pressure

According to what you are cooking, you will want to use low, medium, or high pressure. Not all of the electric pressure cookers have a moderate pressure option. The guide book that showed up with your electric pressure cooker should suggest how much pressure to use for which type of food usually for pressure cookers, low pressure is 6 to 8PSI and high pressure is 13 to 15 PSI. This may change, even so it is based on whether you have a non-standard or standard electric pressure cooker. If you have a non-standard pressure cooker, it will change your cooking timing. Always check your guide book to see what low pressure and high pressure suits for your model.

2. Pressure Indicator

The pressure indicator is positioned on the lid of your electric pressure cooker. It is usually a tiny pin that will appear to let you know when your electric pressure cooker has arrived at the accurate pressure. It will also let you know when pressure has decreased when the pin falls down.

The pressure indicator frequently acts as a closing agent for your electric pressure cooker as well. As an outcome, it is sometimes also called the locking indicator.

3. Steam Condensation Collector

The steam condensation collector is a tiny plastic container that closes to the part of your electric pressure cooker. It will hold and assemble the additional condensation during cooking.

4. Silicone Sealing Ring

The silicone sealing ring is also called a gasket ring, and is located on the interior of your electric pressure cooker’s lid. Gasket rings create a gas tight seal that will not let any air or steam escape when you are cooking.

5. Steam and Trivet Basket

An Automatic Electric Pressure Cookers comes with a trivet and probably a steam basket. These are used to keep food from affecting the lower part of the cooker. The trivet by itself is absolutely fine to use for cooking boiled eggs.

6. Pressure Release Rate

The pressure release rate is situated on the lid of your electric pressure cooker. By turning, pressing, or lifting this rate, you will free the pressure from your electric pressure cooker after you are done with cooking. Be careful When you release pressure from your electric pressure cooker, use and try another tool like a wooden spoon to press or turn down on the release valve, this way you will prevent getting your hand in touch with hot steam you can Take it from someone who has burned themselves when releasing steam because it is not fun!

7. Use Common Sense

Generally any food can be pressure cooked but sometimes if we do this it doesn’t actually save time or improve texture or flavor. Fast-cooking vegetables like fresh spinach or green beans can usually be stewed or blanched more quickly and easily. You can say the same about delicate fish. And the pressure cooker not only doesn't crunch dishes like gratins and whole chickens are better cooked in an old fashioned oven where they will crisp up nicely.

8. How Long?

Cooking time will change according to the PSI of your high and low pressure setting of your electric pressure cooker. You should refer to your electric pressure cooker guide book for the general cooking times of whatever you want to cook. If something is not done properly so it’s easy to fix it just add a few more minutes and bring your cooker back to pressure.

9. Liquid or Food it can Hold

Your electric pressure cooker will need a minimum amount of liquid to work well, and also maximum amount of food and liquid that it can require. This should be clearly marked in your guidebook. Usually, you should not fill your electric pressure cooker more than 2/3 full.

Take Caution

Many modern electric pressure cookers make it not possible for someone to open the cooker while inner pressure surpasses outside pressure. But please just don’t try to open it while it is in use. Turn off your electric pressure cooker if you need to and release pressure before opening the electric cooker.

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