Top 7 mistakes to avoid while you vacuum your space

Top 7 mistakes to avoid while you vacuum your space

Top 7 mistakes to avoid while you vacuum your space.

Vacuum cleaners can last for long if good care is taken on them. This means during the after use and even the maintenance part plays an important role. Nonetheless, despite the knowledge of this, some people commit costly mistakes while handling vacuum cleaners which cost the durability and performance of these gadgets in the long run., however, This article at a glance highlights some of the common mistakes to avoid when owning a vacuum cleaner to help maintain its efficiency at work and last long.

1. Cleaning things that are not in the eligible list

Vacuum cleaners can prove much efficiency in picking up dust from floors and carpets. However, it is not made to attend all kinds of floors. There is a limit for the types and nature of the surfaces that a vacuum cleaner can attend. Trying to make a vacuum cleaner attend a rough broken raw cement or glass floor can ruin your gadget. This is because some of such floors are not fairly leveled and may shake the gadget too much. In addition, some of such floors may be too dusty to be attended by a vacuum cleaner. They can cause the bin or the filters to fill and clog in a short while. When these parts are full, the efficiency of the gadget is reduced and it may result in overheating of the motor. The airbag gets block because of the overflowing dust in the full bins and can hamper the intake of the air causing the vacuum to overheat and stop suddenly.

2. Don’t Use a Dirty Filter

Depending on the model and type of your vacuum, each of these gadgets must have a dust bin. This is the place where dirt accumulates over time causing the bags to be full and need attention in emptying. However, some vacuums may come with instructions that you need to spot the bag full light indicator to know it is time to empty the bag. However, we recommend otherwise. Do not wait for the bag full indicator. This is because, by the time the indicator is on, the contents of the bin would have already hampered the efficacy of your vacuum and maybe the cause of overheating. It is therefore recommended that the bags be emptied regularly and depending on the times you use the vacuum in a duration of specified time. Moreover, if it is possible, empty the bins at the end of every week.

3. Failure to replace or clean the filters

Every vacuum comes with filters that are meant to filter the air that comes from the intake and prevent it from re-entering the room. Occasionally, these filters accumulate a lot of dirt and require cleaning. It is advised to check your user manual to confirm whether the filters of your gadgets can be cleaned or they have to be replaced. If they can be cleaned, then follow the instructions that are given in the user manual.

Some may not use detergent while others may allow the use of mild detergents in the cleaning of the gadget. If the filters are not cleaned, it may accumulate dirt which might block the air intake from the suction which can cause the gadget to stop working.

4. Don’t Use Baking Soda with Vacuum

Baking soda, which is a chemical is used in cleaning surfaces. This is because of the scorching effect it has that is good in removing dirt. Using it alongside an electric gadget like a vacuum is not recommended. This is because the chemical can interfere with the motor and reduces the efficiency of the gadget and in the long run it may cause severe damage and can’t be repaired.

5. Failure to dust your floor before vacuum cleaning

It is recommended that before you vacuum your floor, you must first dust it. This is the care maintenance practice of the vacuum. This is because dusting the surfaces first removes the dirt and dust that can physically be handled and managed to reduce the workload of the gadget and sparing the filters and the dust bins. The vacuum then cleans the particulate matter in the air of the room and also any dirt that could have been resettled on the floor after dusting. This gives better results after vacuum cleaning as compared to a vacuum before dusting the surfaces.

6. Don’t Mistake motor and suction failure as damaged beyond repair

Most vacuum owners develop panic after their vacuum cleaners stop immediately. However, every user of an electronic gadget is aware of the effects of overheating. There are automatic detectors of overheating in most of these gadgets which disconnects power thereby allowing the appliance to cool down before the next use. Therefore, when your vacuum cleaner immediately stops, do not mistake it as failure beyond repair. Check on any possibility of the clogging of the filters and the dust bin. Allow the gadget to cool down and give an attempt at cleaning after some time.

7. Don’t Forget to consult professional repair service

It is recommended in any electronic gadget that you should not assume repair knowledge and do not attempt replacement or repair on procedures that you are not sure of. Whenever the gadget fails while the parts are in tack, the user guide should be the immediate consultant to suggest a reason. Nonetheless, in a situation whereby you are not sure of the cause and repair procedure, always look out for services of professional repair agents who can fix the problem confidently.

Final Thoughts

A handheld vacuum cleaner is probably the most expensive gadgets, a modern home can have. It is therefore important to maintain a high level of care when owning and handling it. Avoiding some of the mistakes as explained above, which are very common with most vacuum owners will increase the efficiency and long life of your vacuum. You will also save unnecessary costs on the repair that arises from wrong usage and handling of the expensive electronic gadget.

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