Top Five Essential Appliances Every Kitchen Should Have In 2020

Top Five Essential Appliances Every Kitchen Should Have In 2020

Top five essential appliances every kitchen should have in 2020

Every kitchen in the entire world is customized according to the needs and the food that the people of the house prefer to eat, but we here in this article will be discussing those appliances which cannot be left out from any kitchen. These are those essentials without which you might not be able to cook at your best.

Here are the most awaited top five appliances in detail

1.Food processor

If you want to manage your kitchen and use its place wisely, you just cannot miss a chance of buying one of them. A food processor is a combination of a lot of machines, and these days are just more than enough to provide you with all the basic needs you require while cooking.

To be precise most people consider food processors to be the same thing as a blender or a vegetable juicer, but it is quite different. It will help you to process your ingredients in the perfect you want so that it gets more comfortable for you to cook. However, some food processors come with an attached blender or provide different blades for processing and blending. Grinding meat for kebabs and meatballs would be so easy having a food processor at home. The Kitchen-Aid food processor comes with a dough blade which makes it even worthier. The multi Food processor can perform multi actions such as chopping, grinding/mincing, pureeing, slicing, shredding, blending etc. which actually replaces many machines in your kitchen.


One can't afford to miss this accessory in their kitchen. Juicer is a vital kitchen appliance. For a perfect start of a day or for ending it on a relaxing note, a glass of fresh juice is an ideal thing you can have. There are three types of juicers in the market. The centrifugal juice is the most common juicer used by many households. These juicers uses a centrifugal force to separate the pulp from the juice. In essence, it works a lot like a blender. These fruit and vegetable juicers are having excellent efficiency and can effectively work out with hard nuts and seeds.

On the other, there're vegetable juicers, which are masticating type and triturating type. The masticating type uses a drill to punch inside the fruit or vegetable to extract juice with the use of gears instead of blades, whereas the other one uses a two-bolt action to do the same work.

Now days people prefer will to try portable juicer as it is trendy. A potable juicer comes with exciting features. It is one of the most admired juicer machines in the Indian market. It has a powerful motor to squeeze and extract the juice from veggies and fruits. The two-speed control pulse action switch along with a LED light make these portable blender to buy. These trendy juicer is also a USB portable juicer, which increases your convenience. The compact design of these portable juicers help us to carry wherever we want.


You will realize the importance of this small appliance on a busy morning when you have to run for a meeting and all you have got is this toaster which makes a quick toast for you. The simplest looking appliance but trust me, it is one of the must in your kitchen. A toaster is basically a small machine which is used for toasting crispy bread but it is the most important appliance to make a perfect breakfast.

Toasters have not changed a lot with time. The appliance is very much affordable to everyone. It makes the task of preparing the breakfast quick and easy. If you will look up in the market they can provide you with toasters which are more compact, they nowadays are having space for more bread to be toasted at a time.

You get an option of toasting your bread with different crispiness. The feature is great for the people who like their bread to be soft and slightly toasted. You can adjust the spot size and also the feature of auto ejection after your toast is done is available in some of them. The best part of a good toaster is that it consumes minimal electricity and is very easy to clean.

4.Microwave Oven

It doesn't matter if you are in a hurry to get your food heated instantly or in a relaxed mood for baking a cake; a microwave oven will help you out. This small box of metal has now become one of the most used appliances in modern kitchens. A microwave oven is a simple machine that uses a microwave to produce heat that cooks up the food.

These days the microwave oven has also been influenced by the advancement in technology. You can have many modes such as convention and grilling in one machine. Some of the microwave ovens have a separate temperature setting for baking purposes. A quick heat option is always there, and many microwaves can add essential health benefits to your food.

Moreover these days many prefer an OTG which is a 3 in 1. A classy looking OTG functions as a oven, toaster, & griller in your kitchen upgrading your kitchen having a modern lookout. The option of roasting and grilling has made this appliance worthier. You can grill your food without any risk. Features such as detection of the time when cooking is done and auto shut off makes them a must-have in your kitchen.


Here comes the appliance which has taken away the painful work of washing the utensils away. Dishwashers are a part of modern kitchens. You can easily find a dishwasher in the kitchen of a newly furnished modern house.

It is an appliance that just makes your life more comfortable in the kitchen. You are saved from rubbing those dirty dishes and cleaning up your sink with the mess. The hectic work of hours is done in minutes, and all you have to do is to press a button. Though loading a dishwasher is work that needs to be done carefully, but once you have experience in doing so, it makes life easier.

Talking of features dishwashers also have evolved through are not those common in all the houses. Some of the dishwashers have a pre-cleansing and an advanced cleaning feature. You can also get more space and a special rack for washing your dishes after a party at your place in some of them. Dishwashers even provide a facility of drying up the plates, but you have to spend a good amount to have such features.


All these appliances mentioned above will make your life easier. Either it is the fruit and vegetable juicer machine, the smart dishwasher, or the handy microwave, all of them will increase your efficiency while working in your kitchen and will make things simpler while you cook. You can easily use these devices as they are very convenient to use and perform extremely well.

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