Top Seven Maintenance Tips for your Vacuum Cleaner

Top Seven Maintenance Tips for your Vacuum Cleaner

Top Seven Maintenance Tips for your Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner typically does not need so much attention. However, some little bit of maintenance can improve the life span of your vacuum cleaner. Although some vacuum cleaners come packed with accessories to help in its maintenance, you should take care of it when using it to clean and dust your home. Spending a lot of money on a vacuum cleaner makes no sense when you lose it to poor maintenance. The machinery works best when it is oiled and well maintained, vacuum cleaners are no exception. Here is a checklist for the top maintenance tips for your vacuum cleaner.

Remove all the dust and dirt clogged in the vacuum cleaner.

It all comes down to how much amount of time you have been working your vacuum cleaner. Depending on your usage and the environment you are using it in, dust particles just can’t help it. They will get clogged in all the sensitive parts of the vacuum cleaner like the filters and stuff. This is quite a headache when you have to clean the whole vacuum cleaner.

The best option is to take your vacuum cleaner outside and ensure the rollers and critical components are free of debris, dirt and other dust particles. This is an important part of a vacuum cleaner maintenance tip. It usually helps the rollers stay clean, filters all good particles and ensures that there is no debris on other parts of the vacuum cleaner. Users who keep pets should be even warier. Pet hairs easily get tangled up in the vacuum cleaner.

Empty the dirtbags consistently

Before you think about emptying the bag, make sure all the dirtbags and debris collectors for your vacuum cleaner are regularly washed. You can do this by setting yourself a schedule where you can clean the bags once in a week or once in three days. Once you have done some heavy-duty cleaning make sure to empty the bag immediately. A lot of dirt in the debris collector will tamper with the smooth operations of the vacuum cleaner. It will also make some dirt particles to get clogged into the vacuum cleaner tampering with the works. Emptying the bag reduces the probability of tiny dust particles being released back into the air.

Clean the filters on a regular basis.

Some filters are detachable while others are not. It depends on the complexity and advancement of your device. Some are located in the central region of the vacuum cleaner. You can find where yours is located on the user manual provided.

Filters are very vital to the vacuum cleaner. Badly clogged filters will greatly affect the performance of the vacuum cleaner making it not perform a thoroughly fulfilling job. The best time to clean your filter is once you have used your vacuum cleaner for at most four times. This will extend the life span of your filter and the vacuum cleaner as well.

Check on the vacuum cleaner brush

The brush mechanism is another crucial component in the vacuum cleaner. Most people ignore it thinking that all you can do is clean it. However, go an extra step and check out the brush mechanism as well as the rollers. You can do this by using another bristled brush which you can fit into the mouth of the vacuum cleaner. Use it to gently remove the debris and other particles clogged on the brush.

This will give the handheld vacuum cleaner a new look and feel. Moreover, it will result in improved cleaning ability of the vacuum cleaner. Obviously, the more clogged the brush is, the less effective at cleaning it will be. Too much debris either on the brush or rollers will stick up the vacuum cleaner making it completely useless.

Vacuum hose cleaning

The sweeper and hose are interlinked. Generally, regularly cleaning the vacuum hose will definitely improve the overall efficiency of the sweeper and vacuum cleaner. Children are bound to leave large pieces of food, and dirt particles. When vacuuming these large particles will get up into the hose and nozzle.

The remedy is to start off by removing the nozzle and heads of the hose slowly until you thoroughly clean all the parts of the vacuum hose. Detach the long neck of the hose and ensure it is straight. Look up into and through the hose to ensure there are no obstructions there. Make sure to look into the hose while holding it down to the ground and not up, or you could get dirt in your eye!

Read the vacuum cleaner manual.

Humans are bound to ignore little stuff like reading the vacuum cleaner manual. Most people once they buy the vacuum cleaner will ignore or throw away the user manual. However, manuals are written by professionals with the best knowledge about the vacuum cleaner you bought. A rather tough problem for you can easily be solved by reading the manual.

Manuals will help you break down your vacuum cleaner to the tiny bits you cannot see with your naked eye. They will also help you to quickly and easily identify and locate the problem.

Kids friendly vacuum cleaner

Powerful models and heavy-duty vacuum cleaners must be kept out of reach of small children. Teaching your kids some responsibility will ensure they grow into manageable adults. Kids can easily tamper with the settings of your vacuum cleaner. Some might even spill drinks on the machine. Another thing is you should do the maintenance yourself and not involve children. The curious ones might even go ahead and try the maintenance themselves while you are away.

In conclusion, while doing maintenance service to your vacuum cleaner for home use, always ensure that you have it unplugged from the power source. You may encounter an electric shock once you try the maintenance and come into contact with a naked wire. The best thing is to get used to maintenance. This will save a lot of time and you will get to understand your vacuum cleaner even better.

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