Types of Vegetable Juicer and Their Uses

Types of Vegetable Juicer and Their Uses

Types of Vegetable Juicer and Their Uses

To make these juices, you need to have to of the most important thing, the first being the fruit or vegetable itself, and the second will be perfect fruit and vegetable juices. We, in this article, will be dealing with such fruit and vegetable juicer machines and will be helping you by explaining the different features and uses they have.

There are different types of fruit and vegetable juicer machine based on various features such as functions, working processes, and design.

Based on the way of functioning vegetable juice machine are classified in these groups-

1. Centrifugal juicer

The basic unit in such vegetable juice machines there is a mesh chamber that has hard teeth's which crushes and makes pulp of the fruits or vegetables. The primary force in these vegetable juicers is the centrifugal force. The main machine spins, creating this force, which separates the pulp from the juice.

● The fruit and vegetable juicer machine using this type of mechanism is very good with the hard and thick fruits and those vegetables which have a lot of fibers in them. The sharp teeth of the vegetable juice machine help you to get the best juice from the hard fiber of the vegetable.

● These juicers are considered to be very fast hence are more efficient than the others. Due to the setup and design, they allow you to use the entire fruit or the vegetable without cutting them a lot. Many people prefer having some roughage in their juice, so the vegetable juicer with such design can help you even with processing the peels and even the seeds of the vegetable.

● The assembly of such a juicer is very easy. You can quickly assemble it by following a few simple steps. Since the mechanism is easy to dismantle, you also get an opportunity to clean each and every part of the vegetable juicer.

● When talking about the price of this Centrifugal Juice Machines are not that costly, and a common man can afford it easily. Moreover, you will be spending next to the same amount while buying a slow juicer as compared to a centrifugal juicer.

● The only problem with a centrifugal fruit and vegetable juicer is that it makes a lot of noise and easily gets up heated. Sometimes it just ruins the start of your day with the hectic noise it makes. Many people are not comfortable with such machines. The heating problem is also a significant concern as the heat produce makes it hard to handle the vegetable juicer; also, heat can destroy or denature the proteins and different useful enzymes in the juice, which is not appreciable. The juice also gets heated up, and many times, you will be getting a foul-tasting juice with bubbles in it.

2. Masticating juicer

This type of fruit and vegetable juicer machine has a drill-like structure that does the work of crushing the fruits and vegetables. The vegetable and the fruits are passed through a path specially made for passing them on the drill. The drill is connected to the motor, and when you start the motor, it starts separating the juice from the waste.

● The fruit and vegetable juicer machine does the work of processing the fruit or vegetable slowly so that no part of the fruit passes unused. The speed is comparatively slow, but the waste also decreases.

● The juice primarily formed contains pulp and roughage in a heavy amount, so it passes through a mesh that purifies the juice. Both the waste material and the juice are collected in different containers.

● The masticating vegetable juicer is very slow as compared to the centrifugal fruit and vegetable juicer machine. They require more time to set up and clear. Also, the fruits and vegetables need to be cut into pieces before putting them in the fruit and vegetable juicer, or you will lodge the machine.

● The juicer is very good at processing leafy vegetables and has no problems with hard and soft fruits. Even fruits such as grapes are utilized very well, and you can get the maximum extract out of it. The quality of juice is good and nutritious, and besides, there is no degradation with the proteins and enzymes.

● These vegetable juicers are more complex than the centrifuge one. Many of them are multi-functional and are a part of the food processor or grinders. Since they are more complex, they do have more number of parts, and hence it is not easy to clean and assemble them up.

● There are chances that in many of these fruit and vegetable juicer machines, the fruit or vegetable can be stuck on the chute, and removing it from there becomes a difficult task.

● They can be very costly, and hence people usually don't prefer them, but when this vegetable juice machine comes to the product can provide you the best quality juice.

3. Triturating juicer

The juicer is also called the "twin gear juicer." The basics of this fruit and vegetable juicer are that it sends the fruit or the vegetable in between the two gears, which keeps on rotating. The gear crushes the fruits or the veggies into smaller pieces and hence separates the juice from the pulp.

● The vegetable juice machine is very versatile to all the veggies and fruits, even hard roots. The juicers with such specifications are very good with hard fibers and preferably not good for watery fruits.

● In the triturating juicer, the twisting speeds of the gears are very high as that compared to one geared fruit and vegetable juicer machine. The working time of this vegetable juicer is very low so that you can make your juice in a short span of time.

● The speed is not as high as the centrifuge one, so you get an advantage to stay in between very slow and fast, and this results in a uniform, thick, and juice that can contain a nutritional value for a longer time.

● They are similar to the masticating fruit and vegetable juicer, so they serve multiple functions such as chopping, grinding, and mixing. The advantage that these juicers provide over the masticator is that it is not as complex as the previous one. You have fewer parts and easier assemblage.

● The main problem with this fruit and vegetable juicer is that it is very heavy and, moreover, costly. You can shift it a lot, and it will take a good space in your kitchen. However, when we talk of the juice, this type of vegetable juicer is the most preferred one.

All the vegetable juicers mostly belong to these three categories. Each of them has merits and demerits, and one should decide to buy the juicer that suits them. If you mostly remain in a hurry and want a quick juice go for a Centrifugal juicer if the quality of the juice is all that matters go for the Masticating juicer and if you want to be somewhere in between these two go for Triturating juicer. I hope the article helped you out. Thanks for reading!!!

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