What is ideal for your house: OTG Oven or Convection Oven?

What is ideal for your house: OTG Oven or Convection Oven?

What is ideal for your house: OTG oven or Convection Oven?

During Middle Ages earth ovens were invented and used for baking and cooking as they were most effective and cost less. But now in our era, i.e. modern era we use modern types of ovens. There are many types of ovens like gas oven, conduction oven, self-cleaning oven, Roaster oven.

But we are here to talk about 2 in specific i.e. OTG oven and Convectional oven. Here we will be showing you some advantages and features of OTG ovens as well as convectional ovens and then it will be up to you to decide which one is better suited for you to use. We hope that you will read this article till the end for easy understanding of which one is better for usage in your house.

Here are some best advantages of OTG Ovens

OTG ovens are one of a kind they are rated among the best products/devices for kitchen use. OTG ovens come with an excellent quality and features. Some products come with a 36-liter oven toast (well that is quiet big if you ask us). OTG Ovens come with Motorized Rotisserie and convection fan that can be used for baking, cooking, and keeping food warm. They also come in with toughened double that increases the security. And so far their rating has remained 4 out of 5.


One can cook, bake, grill, and toast easily on an OTG oven. OTG ovens come with a heat resistant glass which is pretty good and secure for usage. These OTG ovens also come at cheap price compared to those of convectional ovens. These products have a power consumption level of 220~V. OTG ovens also come with a 2 years of warranty and some even more. The customers up till now are really satisfied with the OTG ovens, as when you look at the ratings they explain it all.

Now these are some best advantages of Convectional Ovens

The interiors of convectional products are designed with a natural convection technology that helps it to circulate waves throughout the oven which helps in making the food hot just in a matter of time. These products are easily compatible that fit nearly up to 9 pizzas. The power consumption of convectional ovens is low. Convectional ovens also have a 30 min timer with a precise cooking technology. These products also include a Rack and a Pan which is perfect for cooking.


Convectional ovens come with a stainless steel body. These ovens are specially engineered to handle 9 x 13 pans approximately 12 pizzas. Some convectional ovens give you four different functions. And you can easily cook, bake, broil, toast and it even keeps your food warm. These products have a maximum temperature of 450 Celsius.

These products are new in India but so far they have become quite successful. Convectional products are also multi-functional with nearly 6 functions in some of them. These products have a built-in time that makes it easy to use while you can do some other household work. Their natural convection circulates the air that helps in faster cooking.

Why OTG Ovens are better than conventional ovens.

An OTG oven is best for usage and especially if you want to bake, grill or toast. Here are few more reasons why you should choose OTG ovens.

• Firstly taking about OTG ovens. An OTG oven is a mini oven that can be used to bake, cook toast, and sometimes even reheat.

• The power usage in an OTG oven is extremely low as compared to that of a conventional oven.

• You can do several things on OTG like baking, toasting and grill. Though you just get to have two features in a conventional oven that is simply baking and defrosting.

• This is more convenient for usage. The weight of an OTG oven is light and therefore it makes it easy to move it around. On the other hand conventional ovens are pretty heavy, and hence it is difficult in shifting.

• An OTG oven has a thermostat present in itself which helps this equipment in controlling the temperature which thereby ensures the food to be properly heated.

• It easily heats up in no time and therefore works more efficiently while cooking.

• OTG ovens have a heating element both on the ceiling and on the roof. Plus it gives you the choice to select the heating side.

• For grilling, you need to heat from the top coil and for normal heating, you need to use both the coils. That surely is an awesome feature.

• An OTG grill has an advantage of reheating and keeping the grill warm so that the food will remain tasty.

• The price of OTG is not that high, infact you get OTG oven at a really affordable price and it also provides you several hi-tech features.

• And not to mention that the OTG has a heating element which is awesome and most of the people in the market prefer to buy these OTG rather than conventional ovens.


If you ask us, what is ideal for usage in your house, we would suggest you to go for OTG rather than conventional ovens. It’s easy to use plus it’s fast. OTG is more effective than another ovens out there. The cooking in OTG is quick, easy and good. Plus the baking quality of OTG is very incredible.

Well, we hope this article helped you in picking up the best OTG for your house. Talking about best OTG here where you will find some best quality OTG for your kitchen which is at an amazing price. You can look out for more details about OTG on their website and can easily buy them through Amazon, Flipkart or Paytm. A brief about OTG and conventional ovens have been provided in the article given above.

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