EQK Rechargeable Scalp & Body Massager

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EQK Rechargeable Scalp & Body Massager with Vibration Mode for Stimulating Hair Growth, Deep 3D Kneading Massage for Head, Neck & Full Body Stress Release



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  • DUAL USE - The 2-in-1 vibrating head massager works efficiently on both wet and dry scalp enhancing the blood circulation, soothing the scalp, inducing sleep and relieving headache with its two speed settings.
  • FOUR COMFORT MODES - With 4 rotational heads and 28 individual nodes the EQK scalp massager serves you 4 different modes with vibration in both high and low intensity to your desired needs.
  • WIRELESS & RECHARGEABLE - Inbuilt with 1200mAh battery the massager works for a long run. With its pre-set 10 minutes timer the 3D kneading scalp massager shuts off automatically for best power saving.
  • EXTRODINARY FEATURES - Loaded with 360°gentle-kneading heads, one press button control, LCD battery/ speed/ mode indicators, micro USB port, charge sensing area, IPX7 waterproof material, elegant and portable design.
  • MULTI PURPOSE - Not just a head massager for hair growth. Can be used to relieve neck pain, shoulder pain, knee soreness, back pain, and also relax your nerves & body stiffness from any part of your body.

Details and Instructions

Dual Use

The scalp massager relieves headache, improves blood circulation boosts hair growth and helps to soothe the scalp. The massager serves a dual purpose as it can be used both on dry and wet hair to your convenience. Now massage while you shower.

The vibration motor of the EQK head massager offers low and high massaging intensity to meet different user’s needs. The scalp massager features 4 rotational heads with 28 individual nodes to bring you 360°gentle-kneading massage experience.

Inbuilt with 1200 mAh battery the massager can run for 2 hours charging at full. To comfort you more, the massager bares an option of 2 speeds and 10 min smart stop work for best power saving the smart LED indicators indicate you with speeds & charging.

One Solution For All

The head massager offers low and high massaging intensity to meet different user’s needs. The head massager can effectively enhance blood circulation, help to soothe the scalp and relieve headache, it doesn’t only massage your neck, shoulder, leg but also feet.


Easy Operation

Easy peasy one touch button to on/off the massager, alter speeds and modes of your choice. Smart LED indicators help you indicating speeds, batteries, and modes. Made of IPX7 waterproof grade material, the massager can still work when it’s immersed in the water.


The EQK vibrating scalp massager can be widely used at home, office, car, and outdoors. It is the best travel companion in the comfort of a long trip as it is lightweight and compact. It perfectly fits the palm of either female or the male.


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