Geek Appliances, is based in New Jersey, USA. Our main objective is to put more emphasis on product customization and technical innovation. Geek appliance is your trusted partner; as every scenario is analyzed to provide the highest end user out of box experience.

The core of Geek appliance’s innovations remain an unwavering commitment to provide families with quality products and efficient home solutions. Also to manufacture uppermost quality products that incorporate state-of-the-art technology with innovative features and forward thinking contemporary ergonomic designs that meet the needs of all generations that want to have a real at home gourmet experience. More than establishing a home appliance brand, each product has been crafted with our unwavering passion and desire for creativity, functionality and perfection.


Geek Chef

Life is food. A carefully cooked food connects soul. Good food leaver a long lasting board among relationships. Mom’s home cooked med after hostel stay. A wife delicious dish after a home return a home return from office. Spicy hot soup in a cold bring biting winter. A sweet treat after a spicy meal. Delectable sandwich before rushing to school. Food creator an impressive memory in a human life which extends for a whole lifetime.

Geek Aire

Pure Is Air. Gentle breeze after a spirited game clam breeze after of strenuous work day. Soothing air after an arduous travel. Air is heeler for a hassled mind and worked out body. GEEK Aire Range of product thoughtfully designed to generate this blissful air when one requires be it after game workday or travel. Geek Aire range is rechargeable in nature letting one enjoy air whenever they need it the most.

Geek Klean

A clean home is a happy home! Homemakers say “Not a day goes without cleaning and there is no getting away from it”. Geek Klean range is crafted to wipe all your cleaning chores. Let go of the traditional cleaning and enjoy the Geek Klean range of vacuum cleaners to be your new cleaning partner. If Happiness is a freshly cleaned house – Geek Klean will help you achieve it.

Geek Kool

Geek Kook an environment cooling products designed with instant cool technology offering comfort anywhere and anytime.

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